Mizo Presbyterian.

Bawngkawn Pastor Bial Zaipawl.

‘Malsawmna danglam.’

English Translation:

Malsawmna Danglam

— A different kind of blessing!

It’s amazing how the Lord has lead me.

I am not eligible to serve you.

Lord! You know that I am just a dirty human.

Touch me again O Lord!.


I know I am not enough for you.

I surrender the only thing I have — ‘My heart’.

Speak specially to this heart.

It will be just enough for a sinner like me.

I haven’t learned how to count the Lord’s Blessings.

I have been counting only the joys and happiness.

Sacrifices and sorrows are also part of

a different kind of blessing.


The Lord whom I always run to whenever I am in trouble.

He comforts me and never abandons me.

The one who promised to be with me.

The LORD never ever changes!

Malsawmna Danglam.

A mak ngei LALPA min hruai dan hi.

I tan hian ka tling lo hle si a.

Mi bawlhlawh ka ni tih I hria e.

Min khawih nawn leh rawh aw LALPA.


I tan hian ka tawk lo ka hria e.

Ka neih chhun ka thinlung ka hlan che.

He thinlung ngeiah hian thusawi la.

Kei misual tan hian a tawk e.

Malsawmna ka dawn chhiar ka thiamlo.

Hlimna leh lawmna chauh ka chhiar thrin.

Tawrhna leh lungngaihna zawng pawh hi.

Malsawmna danglam alo ani.

Mangan  ni a ka belh LALPA chuan.

Min thlamuan min kalsan ngai love.

Ka hnena awmreng min tiamtu kha.

A danglam ngai lo LALPA chu.