The Burma Star memorial in Derby Cathedral.

R. Ellis

The interior of Derby Cathedral looking from the altar.

The memorial is on the right wall.

The Cathedral was originally the parish church of All Saints’ and was founded in 943 AD. The original medieval nave fell into disrepair and was pulled down. The present nave was built in 1725.

Incidentally, one of the most important events that took place in the old church was the trial of a 23 year-old Protestant blind girl called Joan Waste, in 1556, by the then Catholic authorities. She was found guilty of heresy and burnt to death. The story is told on a page I have on another web site. Just click on the image below. The story is told in Old English (we didn’t get our own English dictionary, which standardised spellings, until 1755) but there is a shortened modern version at the bottom of the page.

R. Ellis

The Dolphin Inn and the tower of All Saints’ are as they were in 1556.